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Born and raised in New York City, the Italien-American Linda Jo Rizzo’s dream to be in the limelight started with a fashion modeling career that took her to Milan, Italy. Just for fun Linda started performing and recording with CBS and Baby Records. She did concerts and TV shows with known artists such as Pupo, Umberto Tozzi and Adriano Celetano.
Moving on to Lisbon, Portugal, Linda was named “Model of the Year” by the top fashion magazine, “Mulher d’ Hoje”.
After her fashion career, Linda returned to NY to finish her studies in Nutrition. She then ran her own business for several years as a nutritional consultant and speaker for a large vitamin company in San Francisco.

Shortly after, Linda met Bobby Orlando (Pet Shop Boys, Divine) in NY and joined his disco girl group, “The Flirts”. Their top ten disco hit, “Passion” brought Linda in the 80’s to Germany, followed by further chart hits such as, “Calling All Boys, Danger, and Helpless”.
After touring with the Flirts, Linda went solo in 1985. Her energetic, sicilian temperament together with her NY flair earned her a reputation as singer and entertainer.

Linda has released and produced over 20 records and CD’s with some known producers as Fancy (Slice Me Nice, Lady of Ice) Glen P. Stone (Mandy Winter’s “Julian”) Joe Kleindienst (Saragossa Band) Mino Siciliano (La Bouche) and La Bionda (Vamos a la Playa, One For You-One For Me).

In the 80’s Linda toured Europe in most of the top disco clubs such as the famous “Star Club” in Hamburg.
The 90’s brought Linda to great Gala stages with top orchetras such as Ambros Seelos, Hugo Strasser and Hazy Osterwald.
Today Linda thrills her audiences whether accompanied by a piano, trio, quartet or big band. Although disco music brought Linda to Europe, she has developed a well rounded repertoire from standards and swing to soul and pop rock.
2009 marks her 10th year as pop star guest in the world renowned Oktoberfest Tent “Hippodrom” where she gets 4,000 people dancing in the aisles every night!

Linda Jo Rizzo is one of the last few remaining professional American entertainers in the European music scene. Through the years she has shared the stage with prominent stars such as, George McCrea, Carl Douglas, Jurgen Drews, Waterloo & Robinson, Bonnie Tyler, Albano, The Platters, Percy Sledge, Dieter Bohlen, Trini Lopez, Haddaway, Weather Girls, Roland Kaiser, Heino, CC Catch, and many more!!!!!

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